From Discipline to Desire

October 23rd, 2012

Something happened on my ride the other day that was a bit like a religious conversion: riding went from being something I had been adopting as a habit to an acute need to ride. I am fascinated by how this might have happened, now, since I have been riding for about 7 years.

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Pass the Butter

October 14th, 2012

Here is the thing. Everyone has to do it at some point: pass the fat woman riding slowly ahead of them. Even if I am a mile ahead and the wind is in my favor, the minute some guy on a bike sees my ass-packed to the gills in lycra on my bike they have to a) turn off their route onto mine so that they can pass me before turning off at the next block and getting back on their original route, B) pass me in the oncoming lane then turn around in order to blow passed me emphatically or C) my personal favorite, that this same guy does every time, repeat A and B several times. On an $8000 bike. In case I missed it the first three times.

And here is the thing, I get it. You can’t possibly be seen trailing a woman, a fat woman, a fat middle-aged woman, a fat middle-aged female athlete trying to get their intervals in before breakfast. I know I am not fast, I know that I can barely make it up the steep hills in Berkeley, I can’t jump out of the saddle and overtake someone, but I can endure. I have the kind of body that has raw strength, like many fat athletes. I have legs like piers and just as strong. When the world ends, I will be eating the people with 5% body fat by day two. Watch yourself.

Whatever you think about fat folks and fat athletes, jut know that I understand your sudden need to accelerate at time trial-like speeds because you MUST pass me. I get it. I am impressed that although you are wearing tight jeans in 90-degree heat and riding your mom’s old 1980′s touring bike you are breezing right on by me without a word, a warning, and huffing like a racehorse to prove you can. You just successfully passed a fat, middle-aged woman. Congrats.

All I want is to not have diabetes, heart disease, and pancakes without the bacon, so get on it and get passed me, I am already trying to think about what I want for breakfast and you are distracting me.